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L2 Energy Consulting are passionate about the service lines we offer to the UK Property Industry. Our clients tend to be anybody from Architects, Services Engineers and Developers to Property Agents and Owner Occupiers. Whoever we work with or for we always provide the same level of care and due diligence to provide each with a quality of service we would expect to receive ourselves.

SBEM Calculations
SAP Calculations are required to show compliance with Building Regulations
Part L1A for newly built dwellings and Part L1B for conversion work.

In previous editions of Building Regulations a dwelling has merely had to meet a Target Emission Rate for CO2 emissions, however current requirements add an extra complexity by having to also meet a Target Fabric Energy Efficiency standard putting the emphasis not only on energy consumption but build quality as well.

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Thermal Modelling by Dynamic Simulation is becoming more common to demonstrate the way a building will behave in periods of sustained hot weather, like experienced in the uk during summer 2013 or whether indoor air quality levels are met through the use of a natural ventilation strategy as opposed to a mechanical solution.
An SBEM Calculation is the government recognised process of calculating the energy efficiency of commercial property in accordance with UK Building Regulations Part L. SBEM or Simplified Building Energy Model, will seek to demonstrate that the Building Emission Rate (BER) in terms of kgCO2/m² does not exceed the Target Emission Rate (TER) set by regulation whether that be for an Office, Hotel, School, Industrial Warehouse, Nursing Home or even Halls of Residence in Universities. At L2 Energy Consulting we specialize in the provision of SBEM Calculations and therefore have a huge amount of experience to achieve Building Regulation Compliance everytime. For more information on our SBEM services please follow our SBEM link here.
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